Types of electronic signature with

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Biometric signature

It is the handwritten signature captured through tablets or signature pads capable of collecting biometric data. to collect biometric data.

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Electronic signature with digital certificates

Signs with a digital certificate issued by a body through which the signature itself and the identity of the signatory are validated.

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Signature in the cloud

Signature by means of a digital certificate hosted in a secure server (HSM), with strong authentication.

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Unattended Electronic Signature

Signature with electronic certificate that does not require user intervention.

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Single-use code (OTP SMS y OTP Email)

Signature associated with the sending of an OTP (One Time Password) code via SMS to the signatory's cell phone number.

Sign documents: Here or there. Now or later.

Viafirma documents is a digital signature software that allows you to sign documents (in PDF, DOCX, ODT format) on any device and from anywhere..

Contracts, invoices, consents and agreements signed by your customers in the simplest and most legal way..

  • Avoid data entry errors with field and condition validation.
  • Improves user experience and reduces friction when the signer enters data into the contract

Powerful and simple at the same time

With offices in Buenos Aires-CABA, our professionals have extensive experience in different industries such as Insurance, Finance, Telecommunications, Utilities and Service Bureaus..

Viafirma Inbox allows you to define secure document signature flows, which allow you to review and sign documents through local certificates, certificates in the cloud, with SMS OTP or with digitized or biometric signature..​

With an interface 100% adapted to mobile devices, allowing the execution of electronic signature tasks entirely on the mobile. Free Apps available in the markets.

Custody of keys and centralized signature

  • Control and manage your certificates.
  • Greater flexibility and control in the management and signing of documents
  • No installation required on any device
  • Strong identity authentication
  • Control of permissions on certificates